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The Cut: West Mids 'on track' for net zero and economic growth : Parks Charges plan Condemned : Brum's Green Waste Discount Scrapped : The Man behind World Cup Win

Mayor Welcomes West Mids' Economic Growth and Decarbonisation Figures

Garden Waste Charge Discount Scrapped

Councillor calls on Birmingham City Council to stop parking charges plan for Lickey Hills

The greatest of all time and the man behind it.

The Cut: Shining Star of the Three Lions' Campaign : Planning Blunder in Birmingham : Labour Councils' Taxing heavily during Cost of Living crisis

Planning Blunder sees Hundreds of Applications approved without proper Consultation

Jude Bellingham lights up England's World Cup Campaign

Why do Labour Councils who virtue signal over the cost of living continue to burden taxpayers?

The Cut: Our Cycle Revolution is lagging behind : Exempt Accommodation Needs Reform : Time to Call Time on Bullying : Residents say NO to Parking Charges

Harness the Private Sector for a Cycling Revolution in the West Midlands

Local Residents say 'NO' to Parking Plan for Woodgate Valley

Exempt Accommodation in Birmingham needs reform

Bullying In Birmingham: Ring the Bell on Youth Violence

Whoops... The Cut - Should the FA stay quiet? - Starmer weighs in on Brum Labour racism - Mould-Ridden Houses in Brum, the silent killer

Starmer weighs in on Brum Labour Racism Report

Is it time for The FA to just stay quiet?

Why social housing providers need to start taking mould seriously

The Cut: the Death of Democracy in Sandwell? - World Cup Kick-Off in Qatar - Fury in Coventry over Council Transparency

Has Democracy Died in Sandwell? Residents' Concerns ignored over Brandhall

Fury over Coventry Council’s ‘Lack of Transparency’ in Wasps Talks

Qatar World Cup 2022

The Cut: Globe-Trotting Mayor - Cov City in Qatar! - Cllr Cries 'Fascist' - Tech Genius' Woes - Kids going Conkers!

Metro Mayor Andy Street Bangs Drum for West Midlands in Bangladesh

Mom Diaries: My kids went Conkers for this place!

Could Coventry City win England the World Cup?

Do the ‘tech geniuses’ know what they’re doing?

Birmingham Councillor’s long history of comparing Conservatives to Nazi’s

The Cut - Gutter Politics and our role in fighting it - Cllr served with legal letter - Can Brum continue to be a 'City of Sanctuary'? - Has PCC Foster Failed?

Police & Crime Commissioner Simon Foster has failed the West Midlands & Let Down Solihull

Politics is in the gutter - Counter Cut will continue to play our part in holding power to account

Councillor served with legal papers after complaints of 'anti-Semite' slur 'ignored'

As the migrant crisis in the Channel worsens, should Birmingham be Sanctuary City?

The Cut - More Power to the Metro Mayor? - £5m to transform Brierley Hill - The 'Knock-On' effects of Wasps for Coventry City - £88m for Business and Communities from WMCA

Coventry City could be on the move again!

Andy Street's Combined Authority to give £88million to support West Mids businesses & communities

Dudley Council Consults on £5m Plan for 'Major Improvements' in Brierley Hill

Andy Street calls for more devolution powers from Sunak’s Government

Brum Council Leader ‘anaemic when it comes to integrity’ – row over thieving Councillor continues

Andy Street asks for clarity from the EFL on Birmingham City ownership

Quinton Councillor ridiculed over 'waste of money' bollards

Coventry Labour once again lets down the Jewish Community

The Cut - Wolverhampton Civic Hall Shambles; A Conservative Vision for Sandwell; Are Villa Sleepwalking to Relegation?; Brum Labour More Divided than ever.

Opinion: Civic Hall Refurb Disaster has let Wolverhampton Residents Down

Aston Villa: Sleepwalking into relegation

Division in Brum Labour Cabinet as Cllr Clements nominates inexperienced Aitken for Parliament

THE CUT! Conservative Conference Police & Press Failure; Coventry's newest Councillor; Assistant PCC back to the Day Job; Should Albion Sack Bruce?; Another Coventry Labour Councillor Suspended!

Birmingham Mail Editor 'fascinated' as Conservative threatened with Arrest in Brum

Assistant Police & Crime Commissioner pulls out of Labour race to be Northfield MP

In her words: How Conservative Jackie Gardiner stormed to victory in Coventry

Yet another Labour Councillor Suspended for Antisemitism in Coventry

Is it Time for Albion's Bruce to face the Sack?

The Cut: WM leaders condemn 'Brum is a dump' tweeter, The Black Country 'Net Zero Neighbourhood', PANIC OVER! The £ is back, The Markets you should have your eye on!

‘Net Zero Neighbourhood’ First for West Midlands

Local Leaders roundly condemn ‘Brum is a dump” tweeter

Markets you probably aren't Monitoring

The Pound is Back! Panic Over

The Cut: Incoming Brum Parking Charges ; the return of toddler-mom diaries ; Have the left gone too far? ; Who's to Blame for the Cov City Saga?

UPDATE - Councillors VOTE DOWN attempt to review Birmingham Council PARKING CHARGES plan for City's Flagship Parks

Lickey Hills Country Park -Freedom for your little people and your furry friend

UPDATE - Quinton Councillor Helps Bring PARKING CHARGES at Woodgate Valley Country Park One Step Closer

PARKING CHARGES plan could hit Sutton Park

PARKING CHARGES plan could hit Lickey Hills

After Coventry City had their 3rd home game postponed this season, who is to blame?

Opinion: The Left’s Response to the Queen’s Death was a Disgrace

The Cut - In Honour of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II - May She Rest in Eternal Piece

Counter Cut Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Hong Kong Pays Tribute with Final Message to 'Boss Lady', the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II and the FA

A Brief History of the British Monarchy

The Short Cut: Episode 8

Labour Party selection, Market tips and Football review

Markets you probably aren’t Monitoring

Midweek Football review

Weekend Football review

The Birmingham Northfield Labour Candidates show a lurch to the left in Birmingham Labour

The Short Cut: Episode 7

Birmingham Conservative Party Hustings, Energy Bills, issues facing democracy, disgraced Councillor, and Football! All in this week's Cut!

Weekend's Football Review

Bills set to drastically increase for UK households

Hustings review by West Midlands Party Members

Young Conservative gives their views on the Birmingham Hustings

Left wing intimidation tactics are damaging democracy

Disgraced Labour Cllr Jack Deakin facing Legal Action after ‘libellous’ tweet

In this week's Cut, we discuss Coventry's Labour antisemitism, Cineworld going bankrupt, this weekend's football, and an MP's conflict of interest.

Review of the weekends Premier League action

MP Paulette Hamilton apologises for failing to declare a conflict of interest

Goodbye Cineworld?

Issues of antisemitism in Coventry Labour politics

Quinton Athletic vs Austin Ex in the Redditch Premiership

In this weeks Cut, we discuss freedom of speech, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN), issues in schools, and the economic legacy of the Commonwealth Games!

Legacy of the commonwealth games

Student Jay Chan discusses the political issues in his school and the need for free speech

Why freedom of speech is more important than ever after the Salman Rushdie attack

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) aren't working, what are the alternatives?

The Short Cut: Episode 6

Are vacuum cleaners spying on You? Interested in entrepreneurship? Coventry MP avoids tax, and how did your football team do? All in this weeks Counter Cut Newsletter!

Your Vacuum might be spying on you

This weekend saw it all, from own goals to red cards, postponements and table topping wins. How did your club get on?

The importance of Entrepreneurship

Outrage over Coventry MP claiming her Council Tax for her constituency home on expenses

The Short Cut: Episode 5

Shaun Bailey MP Calls Time on Dodgy Developers ; Football is Finally Home! ; Cold Showers for the Germans ; the History of Curzon Street ; Political Games on Trains ; The EFL is Back!

Preventing Dodgy Developers from Ruining new Communities - Shaun Bailey MP

The Lionesses have shown that England can Win

This weekend saw the return of football for the West Midlands EFL clubs. How did your team do?

From 'Birmingham Station' to 'Curzon Street' - the rich history of HS2's Birmingham Station

As Birmingham 2022 suffers from Rail Disruption, Political Parties play Games.

Cold Showers in Germany as Russia-driven Gas Crisis Worsens

‘We are Ready!’ - Andy Street, ahead of Commonwealth Games

Michael Fabricant latest West Midlands Conservative MP to Declare Who He is Backing

Eurovision could be coming to Birmingham as UK Confirmed as next year's Hosts

The Short Cut: Episode 4

The 'Death of Democracy' in Sandwell; How to invest sustainably for surprising returns; The Blues Saga Continues!; Labour's Problems are far from over - Read the Cut now!

The mid-week Afternoon when Sandwell Council ‘murdered’ Democracy

Could Birmingham City finally be getting new owners?

How the Forde report shows toxic behaviour within Labour

Investing Sustainably to Tackle Climate Change

The Short Cut: Episode 3

In this week's Cut: Local MP Cancelled'! ; Blues' White Knight? ; New Tram Lines; 'Netflix & drop?'; Heat Wave Hysteria? ; Toddler Mom Returns!

Have Birmingham City found their Knight in Shining Armour?

‘Cancel culture’ has arrived in Lichfield, according to local MP

'This is family time - FUN WILL BE HAD BY ALL!'

Have the Heat Wave Warnings been over the top?

'Growth Stocks' aren't Growing!

New Edgbaston Tram Line Open from Sunday

The Short Cut: Episode 2

A Battle in Sandwell; Clean Air Zone Criticism; Regional MPs toppling the PM; Leadership Bids underway; Euros Round 2 and a thrashing in Walsall... Quite a week for the Second Cut!

Birmingham's Clean Air Zone - All Stick and No Carrot!

David vs Goliath - a Community’s Fight Against Sandwell Council

Sexual Harassment will not be Excused - the New Era of Conservative MPs Lead the way from the Red Wall

England take on Norway as the Second Round of the Women's Euro kicks-off

A Day for the Villans - Aston Villa's 4-0 Win over Walsall Reviewed

LADBible shares drop despite increased popularity on the platform.

What will the 2019 intake of West Midlands Conservative MP’s look for in a new leader?

The Best of the Rest

England's Glory

The Sports Cut: Episode 1

The First Cut!

The Short Cut: Episode 1

Andy Street Exclusive: 'When we host the Commonwealth Games this summer, let’s seize the moment to the fullest'

West Midlands Police - the latest spring-board for ambitious politicians. Is the PCC’s office undermining the Police?

Its Coming Home (again, technically)

Tax hikes, payment delays and new Council charges: Brummies hit with triple blow during cost of living crisis

Harborne Carnival - a Spectacle on the High Street not to be missed!

Introducing Freddie’s Play Pad - A Safe Haven for this Sleep Deprived Mom

The US stock market has plummeted, but in every downturn opportunity can be found

Introducing Counter Cut

Birmingham MP Supports Counter Cut Petition to bring Eurovision to West Midlands

Counter Cut Launches Campaign to bring EUROVISION 2023 to WEST MIDLANDS!

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