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Jul 28, 2022·edited Jul 28, 2022

I'm really disappointed with the whole organisation. Firstly, as a disabled resident who can rarely get our, we had no idea about the draw for residents until it was almost closed. Not a single disabled ticket was available for any events I wanted to see, & we applied for over a dozen events, even in the national draw & even through regular ticket application. How hard would it have been to leaflet the city or include info with Council Tax bills or local election info to make sure everyone knew about the residents ballot??

All things disabled are a shambles. Latest issue was parking. Email announced disabled parking going live for our event at Coveney Stadium. On the day - nothing. Agent on chat eventually said they'd been informed 15 minutes before disabled parking booking opened that "it was not yet arranged". Only managed to book a spot 2 weeks before my event. To top it all, it's on the other side of Coventry from the stadium. Hardly disabled friendly. Sent a query & 2 weeks later (2 days before my event) I still don't have a reply.

Absolute shambles.

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