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The B’ham Labour Council is on a knife edge. Ward did win by two votes (but of course one of them was his own vote - I presume he voted for himself). The Northfield Labour candidate contest is fascinating - it’s a marvel to see that Ms Jones has discovered the existence of Northfield, an area in which she has never shown any interest before. She claims to have always lived in south B’ham since her university days but by this she means the comfortably off, middle class university areas and not Northfield where the residents go out to work for a living. Aitken in contrast claims to have lived in the area and has been a local, if undistinguished, councillor since 2018 though the people of Kings Norton North might justifiably ask themselves what useful thing he’s ever achieved for the area in that time. At one time he was a close friend of the notorious ‘Olly’ Armstrong but seems to have dropped him when Armstrong’s behaviour became just too outrageous and intolerable. As for Ms Clements, a former denizen of privileged, leafy Oxfordshire, whose joint obsessions appear to be cycling and East German trams, and who wishes to be in a position to order all B’ham citizens to “get on their bikes”, she has already gained a lot of publicity by opposing the Labour leader and I suspect is now enjoying herself thumbing her nose at her deputy leader. Whichever of these candidates and their supporters gain the upper hand, the people of Northfield stand to gain nothing except another sanctimonious, preening, sneering, self congratulating Labour politician wanting to use the constituency as a means of furthering their own political career. At this stage, I’m predicting Aitken to win the candidature, but then again, what would I know?

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