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There was a time when socialists took action, no matter how misguided, to achieve what they thought was right (again, no matter how misguided). They have always been a mixture of the well-heeled middle class who thought themselves to be intellectually superior and liked to talk a lot but did very little else and the working socialists who were more likely to actively stand up for what they believed (no matter how misguided).

The norm for members of the present day Labour Party is now the former - a sneering, sanctimonious, virtue-signalling, self satisfied, comfortably off middle class who have generally not had to struggle in life (though they may come up with a back story which hides this) and welcome seeing poverty around them so that they can have a cause for which, in their view, they can act as champions. Likewise for illegal immigration - they sneer at local residents whose interests they are supposed to represent while championing the cause of hundreds of thousands of people who see Britain as a soft touch (of course Britain rightly welcomes genuine refugees, it’s not just socialists who feel sorrow for the people of Ukraine who have lost so many and so much and those whom Biden let down in Afghanistan and want to help them). Standing up for illegal immigrants is a cause that socialists easily embrace if only because they are a cause and socialists must have a cause.

Contrary to the opinion of Ms Bridget Jones, it is clear, that Birmingham can not continue to support numerous people from elsewhere, no matter how much we may want to, when the city can not provide basic services for its own citizens. In life, you just can’t help everybody no matter how big your heart is. Labour has dragged the city down into a dire financial state, with Ms Jones playing the role of Deputy Leader for the several past years,

She has now strangely developed an interest in Northfield though we Northfield residents have never been aware of her particular love and support for our constituency before these last few weeks when she has been campaigning to be selected as Labour parliamentary candidate. Certainly as the Council’s Deputy Leader she has never been known to be a champion for Northfield prior to the selection campaign and there’s little evidence of the Labour Council showing any interest or respect for this edge of the city during her time as a councillor. The residents of south west Birmingham, while always wanting to help people from elsewhere at times of trouble, will have little sympathy with the expressed views of Ms Jones, with her background of being brought up in Brighton and only ever living in middle class, comfortable areas next to the university while in Birmingham.

So again we see that the self-loving socialists, ever needful of a cause to embrace and to use to show off how virtuous they are, have evolved this vaguely religious concept of Birmingham being a “sanctuary city” (the term itself is quasi-religious) and committed to spending money which should be used for the good of the residents they are supposed to represent. In their chattering and twittering they talk a lot about their causes but deliver nothing good for the citizens of Birmingham. Ms Jones might be wise to remember that the residents of Northfield will not be impressed by her previous record and what she says during her present efforts to persuade the socialist cabal in south west Birmingham to select her to stand on their behalf.

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